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OCAD students planning to apply to BEd programs at the intermediate/senior level will require a second teachable to augment their first teachable in Visual Arts. For those interested in fulfilling this requirement in the area of English or Social Science during or following their BFA/BDes studies, the Faculty of Liberal Studies has expanded its course offerings in these areas. Many of these courses will not be offered every semester or even every year, but rather on a rotating basis. The Faculty of Liberal Studies will create a tentative rotating schedule so that students can plan their studies accordingly.

The requirements for a second teachable vary considerably from institution to institution. Therefore, students must check with each BEd program they are interested in for specific requirements. For example, some require three full-year courses (six semester courses, as at OCAD); some only two full-year courses (four semester courses); while some require specific content courses. With this range of requirements in mind, students may select from among the following.


Critical Writing (one of the following)
LBST 1A40: The Essay and the Argument
LBST 1D01: LS One (theme varies)
ENGL 2B30: Critical Writing for Artists and Designers

Creative Writing (check with program)
ENGL 2B01: Creative Writing I
ENGL 3B20: Creative Writing II
ENGL 4B17: Advanced Creative Writing

Literature and Literary Criticism (check with program)
ENGL 2B02: Studies in Canadian Literature
ENGL 2B03: Introduction to Literary Criticism
(prerequisite for 400-level courses and strongly
recommended in advance of 300-level courses)
ENGL 2B04: Introduction to Dramatic Literature
ENGL 3B01: The Artist in European and American Literature
ENGL 3B03: Children’s Literature
ENGL 3B04: Science and Technology in Literature
ENGL 4B02: Topics in World Literatures
ENGL 4B03: European Literary Classics and Criticism

Social Science:

Introductory Courses to the Social Sciences
SOSC 2B01: Introduction to Social Science: People and Social Worlds (previously titled: People, Culture and Social Worlds: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology)
SOSC 2B02/VISC 2B40: Media, Messages and the Cultural Landscape: Introduction to Communication Studies
SOSC 2B04/VISC 2B41: Social Science Methods for Designers and Artists

300- Level Courses: Topics of Breadth
SOSC 3B01: Gender, Globalization and Social Change
SOSC 3B02: Material Culture and Consumer Society
SOSC 3B03: Sociology of the Body
SOSC 3B27/VISC 3B27: Human Factors for Designers
SOSC 3B04: Childhood, Families and Social Change
SOSC 3B05: Social Psychology and Consumer Behaviour
VISC 3B18: Television Criticism (option to take for SOSC credit, but only students who have declared for Second Teachable)

400-Level Courses: Topics of Specificity
SOSC 4B01: Risk and Society
VISC 4B06: Global Mesh: Internet, Networks, Globalization and Resistance (option to take for SOSC credit, but only students who have declared for Second Teachable)

Also:  Please see list of Special Topics for 2007/2008 for additional SOSC courses.

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