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Payment can be made in full OR by installment if you are registered in three or more credits. Fee payment is due by Friday, August 17. If you register or make changes to your registration after August 16, you must make the required payment on or before the next business day to avoid incurring a $45 late payment fee. Partial payments will not be accepted. On the first business day after the day you register, your on-line fees account will show the updated balance owing or credit available.


Installment Payments
A $50 fee is charged if you pay by installment. The second installment is due before 4 pm, January 11, 2008.


Adding Courses After Your Initial Payment
If you add courses after your initial payment, you are financially responsible for the additional courses. If you do not pay and do not withdraw, you will receive a fail grade on your record and still owe the applicable fees.


Registering for courses after August 16, 2007
If you do not register for any courses until August 17, 2007, you will be charged a $50 late registration fee.

Outstanding Balances

If your second installment is not paid in full by January 11, 2008, you will be charged a $45 late payment fee.

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