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The Faculty of Design has undertaken an extensive curriculum review and has developed the curriculum in a number of key ways. Our ‘Design and Humanity’ philosophy is imbedded in three new issues based courses entitled Think Tank 1: Awareness, Think Tank 2: Consideration and Think Tank 3: Action and are open to Design students from all disciplines. These studio seminar courses include research, discussion, strategy development and/or material solutions.

At the third-year and fourth-year levels, a number of additional areas of study, referred to as expansion studios, will be offered as secondary studios. Students may elect to do one introductory course in four areas (over their third- and fourth-years), or they may use all four slots to take courses in one area for more focused study. In addition to the studios listed, students may opt to take a second-year core studio in another discipline as their expansion studio (approval required). This is also an area where students can choose to take courses in the Faculty of Art (approval required through the Faculty offices).

As these expansion studios are interdisciplinary in nature, students from a number of (appropriate) disciplines will have access to them, again providing multi-disciplinary experience and broadening their understanding of other disciplines and at the same time deepening their understanding of their own. These expansion studios allow our students to take multiple pathways through the curriculum to complete their programs.

2007/2008 Proposed Expansion Studio Offerings

Please refer to program requirements for the expansion studios available for each discipline.

Advanced Typography

Ambient Experience Design

Architecture Design Studio 1

Art of Presentation

Biomimetics 1: Points of Departure
Biomimetics 2: Application

Bright Lights/Big City*

Business Practices/Advanced

Compelling User Experience 1

Domestic Ceramics: Exploring the Useful Object

Editorial & Publication Design 1
Editorial & Publication Design 2
Editorial & Publication Design 3

Exploration, Insight and Foresight in Design

Explorations in Architectural Glass

Furniture Design 1
Furniture Design 2

Guerrilla Entrepreneurism

Habitat Housing Studio

Illustrative Activism

Interactive Communication: Smart Screens
Interactive Communication: Clever Devices
Interactive Communication: Beyond the Screen

Interior Design Studio: Office
Interior Design Studio

Investigation of Non-Woven Structures

Jewellery Design: Architectural Hardware
Jewellery Design 1: An Introduction
Jewellery Design 2: Alternative Materials

Mapping the Body

Motion Graphics 1
Motion Graphics 2

New Directions in Pictorial Design

Packaging Design 1
Packaging Design 2

Play Behaviour and Game Design 1

Sequential Narrative 1
Sequential Narrative 2

Socially Responsible Design

Strategic Brand Development 1
Strategic Brand Development 2

3-D Structures in Fibre: Sculptural Form
3-D Structures in Fibre: Wearable Form

Typeface Design 1
Typeface Design 2

Virtual Communities*

Wayfinding/Information Systems 1

Wearable Technology 1

* Indicates Art/Design interdisciplinary course

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