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“I have wanted for so long to own and maintain even a few huge, interlocking thoughts that, having exhausted more legitimate methods, I have recently resorted to theoretical speculation.”
- Nicholson Baker, The Size of Thoughts , 1983

Criticism & Curatorial Practice (CRCP) offers a cross-disciplinary program intended for students interested in pursuing a career that includes the fields of curating, writing, exhibition production and art practice. Linking the Faculties of Art and Liberal Studies, CRCP provides an environment that extends into a wide range of disciplines from art history to current practices and theories of contemporary art and design. We recommend that all CRCP students make an appointment to meet with the CRCP Chair for curricular advising.

The curriculum draws on the richly varied resources available across the university and, through required courses, helps students develop methodologies to define their own critical approach. To assist in this, the core faculty includes curators, critics, academics and artists respected in their fields for their critical and supervisory skills.

Students have an ongoing opportunity to apply their skills through field study arrangements with Toronto galleries, museums, alternative spaces and publications.

As artist-curators, graduates are uniquely positioned to develop their own roles in the art and design world, both in Canada and internationally. A contemporary arts environment in which critically informed collaborations occur between artists, curators, writers and designers has become a hallmark of engaged practice. It is an environment that offers students of the Program an exciting and fulfilling future at the centre of today’s visual culture.

Criticism & Curatorial Practice Program Guide

This Major is only available to Bachelor of Fine Arts students. All Criticism & Curatorial Practice major students must complete the requirements listed below as well as additional specific liberal studies requirements. See the Liberal Studies requirements that pertain to you.


200 Level Requirements

CRCP 2B01 Contemporary Issues: Art Today (STU/SEM) 0.5
CRCP 2B02 Museums, Galleries and Alternative Spaces (STU/SEM) 0.5
Select two of the four following courses: 1.0*
VISC 2B07 History of Modern Art
VISC 2B01 History of Design
VISC 2B32 Canadian Culture: The Modern Era
VISC 2B09 History of New Media Art
Any Level English (ENGL) *** 0.5*
200 Level Studio, Studio-Seminar, Design or Liberal Studies electives 2.5

Total Credits 5.0

300 Level Requirements
CRCP 3B05 A Question of Beauty (STU/SEM) 0.5
VISC 3B37 The History and Theory of Art Criticism 0.5*
VISC 3B03 Contemporary Canadian Art 0.5*
VISC 3B09 Art After Modern Art: Conceptual Practices 0.5*
SCTM or SOSC Science/Technology/Mathematics or Social Sciences 0.5*
200 or 300 Level Studio, Studio-Seminar, Design or Liberal Studies electives 2.0
300 Level Field Study (CRCP) 0.5**

Total Credits 5.0

CRCP 3B03 Special Focus: Talking Community (STU/SEM)
CRCP 3B06 Exhibitions: Processes, Prodedures and Pragmatics (STU/SEM)

400 Level Requirements
CRCP 4C01 CRCP Thesis: Research 1.0
CRCP 4C02 CRCP Thesis: Presentation 1.0
CRCP 4B02 Art Writing: A Workshop in Practice and Ideas (STU/SEM) 0.5
HUMN 4B18 Understanding Postmodernism: Critical Perspectives 0.5*
SCTM or SOSC Social Sciences or Science/Technology/Mathematics 0.5*
200, 300 or
400 Level

Studio, Studio-Seminar, Design or Liberal Studies electives


Total Credits


CRCP 4B03 Visual Culture Publications

400 Level Field Study (CRCP) **

*See the Liberal Studies requirements for the Degree Stream.

** See Special Studies under Alternative Studies regarding application deadlines and policies.

*** CRCP Majors must obtain 1.0 credit of ENGL to graduate, including 0.5 credit at the 200-, 300- or 400-level. CRCP Majors who are interested in applying for OCAD's Mobility Exchange Program, OCAD’s Florence Program or who are admitted with Advanced Standing must meet with their Chair for academic advising. Students who are accepted with Advanced Standing or into OCAD's Mobility Exchange Program or OCAD's Florence Program must meet the following minimum requirements for graduation from the CRCP Program:

200 level: 2.0 of the required 2.5 credits from the CRCP Program Guide
300 level: 1.5 of the required 2.5 credits from the CRCP Program Guide
400 level: 2.0 of the required 3.0 credits from the CRCP Program Guide

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