2010 Summer Admission


All students must be formally admitted to the Ontario College of Art & Design before they may register for credit courses. Summer admission is restricted to Special Students. An applicant to degree studies may not concurrently apply for admission as a Special Student.

Special Students have limited access to credit courses. Students with Special Student Status must have prior learning or experience equivalent to the pre-requisite requirement.

Special Students may register for a lifetime total of 2.5 credits with no more than 1.0 credit in a given semester.

There are three categories of Special Students:

(a) Individuals interested in taking credit course(s) on a Letter of Permission from another accredited university/university-level institution (Letter of Permission required).


(b) Individuals who hold undergraduate degrees from accredited university/university-level institutions (official transcripts required).


(c) Individuals who wish to fulfill academic or professional development requirements (appropriate documentation required).

Additional Requirements:

International students must have a valid Study Permit (student visa) and valid University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) before registering at OCAD. From countries with a language other than English as the official language of instruction, applicants are required to present a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or equivalent test (TOEFL and equivalent test scores).


All applicants seeking Special Student status must complete the Special Student Admission Application and submit it with the $60 non-refundable application fee to the Office of the Registrar at 115 McCaul Street. Application for admission must be made at least four weeks prior to the first week of classes. Payment of the application fee does not guarantee admission to the university, nor does it guarantee registration in a course.

Eligible applicants must submit all required admission documentation to the Office of the Registrar before their admission can be approved. Documents must be original (no photocopies or faxes) and may include, where applicable, post-secondary academic transcripts, proof of professional status, proof of English language proficiency and proof of citizenship or immigration status.

Students who have applied for and been denied admission as a Program Student may not register for any further courses at the Ontario College of Art & Design. This denial of admission status can be reversed by a successful reapplication for admission to a degree program at the University.


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