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COURSE           COURSE NAME                                                        CREDIT

The following course is required: 0.5
VISC 2B07    History of Modern Art *see note below
Choose five: (including 3 third or fourth-year courses) 2.5
HUMN 4B01   Modernism: Critical Perspectives
HUMN 4B18   Postmodernism: Critical Perspectives
VISC 2B07    History of Modern Art
VISC 2B13    History of Photography
VISC 2B19    Art of Europe: The Northern Renaissance
VISC 2B31    History of Printing and Printmaking
VISC 2B32    Canadian Art: the Modern Era
VISC 2B33    Art of Europe: Greek to Gothic
VISC 2B35    Art of Europe: Renaissance to Impressionism
VISC 3B03    Contemporary Canadian Art
VISC 3B05    Dada and Surrealism
VISC 3B06    Art of the African Diaspora
VISC 3B07    Art of the Italian Renaissance
VISC 3B08    Art of Europe: Baroque and Rococo
VISC 3B09    Art after Modern Art: Conceptual Practices
VISC 3B13    Studies in Italian Art History I
VISC 3B14    Studies in Italian Art History II
VISC 3B15    Studies in Nineteenth Century Art: Goya to Courbet
VISC 3B26    Studies in 19th Century Art: Impressionism and 
VISC 3B28    Latin American Art & Culture
VISC 3B37    The History and Theory of Art Criticism
VISC 3B42    Critical Issues & Ideas in Contemporary First Nations Art
VISC 3B43    Photographic Theory and Criticism
VISC 3B44    South Asian Art and Culture: Vision of the Sacred
VISC 3B45    South Asian Art and Culture: Multiple Modernisms
VISC 3B47    Art and Fashion
VISC 4B08    Studies in Contemporary Art: Europe 1960s to 1990s
VISC 4B10    The Politics of Painting
VISC 4B13    Art of Mexico
VISC 4B16    Queer Theory: Sexuality and Representation
VISC 4B19    Contemporary Studies in Architecture and Design
VISC 4B20    The Senses in Artistic Practice
VISC 4B21    Arts and Cultures of Asia and Oceania
VISC 4B91    Improvisational Music and the Visual Arts 20th Century
Special Topics Upon approval by Associate Deans in the
                     Faculty of Liberal Studies

* Note: Required 200 level art history methodology course under development to replace VISC 2B07 History of Modern Art in the near future

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