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A hybrid minor in Communication Design provides students with a broad overview of the impact that Advertising, Graphic Design and Illustration can have in the context of cultural and social issues. It also introduces them to the skills required to create intelligent and compelling communications. While developing an awareness of the current issues and trends that affect these practices, students will also engage in visual problem solving exercises and projects.

Note: All courses tagged with “*” are included in the laptop program.

Choose two:  1.5
ADVR 2K01 Advertising Concept 1 * (includes laptop workshop)
GRPH 2K01 Graphic Design 1 * (includes laptop workshop)
ILLU 2K01 Illustration 1

Choose one:
ADVR 2K02 Advertising Concept 2 (with prerequisite)
GRPH 2K02 Graphic Design 2 * (with prerequisite)
ILLU 2K02 Illustration 2 (with prerequisite)

Upon completion of the above, choose one from selection A and one from selection B
OR two from selection B:

1 or 1.25


ADVR 3K01 Advertising Concept 3 (with prerequisite)
GRPH 3K01 Graphic Design 3  (with prerequisite)
ILLU 3K01 Illustration 3 (with prerequisite)
GDES 4B03 Internship (appropriate to Minor)

GDES 3B10 Art of Presentation
GDES 3B02 Editorial & Publication Design 1
GDES 3B22 Editorial & Publication Design 2
GDES 4B02 Editorial & Publication Design 3
GDES 3B07 Interactive Communication: Smart Screens
(includes digital workshop)

GDES 3B27 Interactive Communication: Clever Devices
(includes digital workshop)

GDES 3B53 Interactive Communication: Beyond the Screen
(includes digital workshop)

GDES 3B11 Motion Graphics 1
(includes digital workshop)

GDES 3B32 Motion Graphics 2
GDES 3B04 Packaging Design 1
GDES 3B31 Packaging Design 2
GDES 3B09 Strategic Brand Development 1
GDES 3B42 Strategic Brand Development 2
GDES 3B54 Think Tank 2: Consideration (SEM)
GDES 3B03 Typeface Design 1 *
GDES 3B30 Typeface Design 2 *
GDES 3B08 Wayfinding/Information Systems 1

Choose one:
VISC 2B36 History and Evolution of Typography (LST)
VISC 3B38 Advertising and the Art of Persuasion (LST)
VISC 2B39 Graphic Design History in the 20th Century (LST)
VISC 3B21 Illustration and the Rise of Popular Culture (LST)
Total 3.75 or 4.0

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