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The Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Writing provides a unique and valuable opportunity for students to supplement their studio-based education with an additional creative focus that facilitates their studio practice and the development of their ability to write and present their own work.  The Creative Writing postgraduate certificate draws on faculty who are professionals in the field of Creative Writing and who are actively engaged in publishing their own creative work.

COURSE           COURSE NAME                                                        CREDIT

The following course is required: 0.5
ENGL 2B01    Introduction to Creative Writing
Choose five: (including 3 third or fourth-year courses) 2.5
ENGL 2B03    Introduction to Literary Criticism
ENGL 2B05    Introduction to Creative Non-Fiction
ENGL 2B06    World Literatures (formerly ENGL 4B02)
ENGL 3B03    Children's Literature
ENGL 3B05    Creative Writing: Contemporary and 
                     Experimental Forms

ENGL 3B06    Studies in Canadian Literature (formerly ENGL 2B02)
ENGL 3B07    Dramatic Literature (formerly ENGL 2B04)
ENGL 3B08    Ways of Telling: Aboriginal Literature and
(ABVC 3B08)  Narrative Tradition (new option added June 2010)
ENGL 3B20    Creative Writing II
ENGL 4B03    European Literary Classics and Criticism
ENGL 4B17    Advanced Creative Writing

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