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Jewellery Design: Architectural Hardware
0.50 Credit(s)
Prerequisite: MAAD 2C04 MA&D Studio or MAAD 2B14 Intro to Jewellery/Metalsmithing: Fabrication or wood, metal or plastics lab
A door pull or knob on a kitchen cupboard is a tool, but is also an extension of one's hand. We all have a link with these objects that is both physical and emotional depending on a multitude of convergences such as the surface, material, weight, balance, or mechanical correctness of the object. Within this course the student will evolve a series of forms through the design process, from concept to drawing to models to prototype. The projects will address specific needs within the realm of interior hardware, such as door pulls, latches, hinges, and light plates, and will be worked on individually and in teams. Processes covered within the course will include casting (small and large scale), carving in wood and/or wax for modelmaking, as well as new technologies such as water jet and laser cutting. One project will be taken to a final stage and could be completed in a variety of materials such as metal, wood, plastic, or clay depending on the end use, location and function requirement.
Notes: There is a consumables fee attached to this course.
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