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Research Studio/Colour & Form
0.50 Credit(s)
An understanding of colour and light as conceptual, formal and psycho-physical determinants of space/form is important to environmental design practitioners. Through studio assignments, this course will focus on colour and light as interconnected environmental forces which affect human perception of space/form/time. Students will study the physical and psychological implications of light and colour as design elements. Light and its absence will be explored as primary purveyors of shape and form, emotive power and ambient atmosphere. Experiments with colour relativity and modes of colour selection will enhance the ability of students to use colour confidently in a variety of design applications. Colour trends and colour forecasting, natural and human-made materials, lighting sources and their colouristic as well as psycho-physiological impact will also be investigated. Projects will require the student to conduct research, construct three-dimensional models and prepare presentations, both verbal and visual.
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