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Domestic Ceramics: Exploring the Useful Object
0.50 Credit(s)
This course investigates the relationship between function and form, leading to the creation of ceramic objects. Students will work in teams and individually to develop forms for limited production functional ceramic wares which address a societal issue. Some of the functions which will be examined are: eating, storage, lighting, and architectural detail. Starting with the appropriate research, students will proceed to the sketching and modeling phase utilizing computer modeling techniques where applicable. Final working models will be produced for the creation of production moulds. The student will end the course with several finished ceramic pieces. Production methods to be investigated are slip casting, press-moulding, jiggering/jollying, and extruding. Appropriate finishing and glazing methods will also be covered.
Notes: There is a consumables fee attached to this course.
This course is open to Art and Design students. (Art students - please contact the Design office for access.)
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