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Sustainable Design & Development
0.50 Credit(s)
This course explores sustainable design holistically, including environmental, social / cultural and economic aspects of development. The premise of the course is that students begin to ‘think environmentally’, expanding their ecological understanding, i.e., having an awareness and expectation that human actions have impacts on the environment. Environmental impacts are explored from the perspective of resource depletion, ecological damage and human health. Eco-design explores the environmental and economic aspects of production; sustainable design and development looks at the issues of consumption patterns, equity, and community health. The broad issues explored in the course can also be a launching ground for further development in thesis projects. Topics include many issues related to healthy cities, including urban congestion, streets for people, urban farming, and ecological economics. Case studies will include both developed and developing countries.
Anti-requisite: INDS 3A03 Design and the Environment: Principles of Production & Consumption
Notes: NOT OFFERED 2010/11
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