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Illustration 3
0.75 Credit(s)
Prerequisite: ILLU 2K02 Illustration 2 (minimum grade of 60%)
Applying the conceptual and technical knowledge acquired in Illustration 1 and 2, students begin to develop an illustrator's visual vocabulary. Varying text-to-image relationships are introduced and explored, emphasizing the differing criteria for editorial, advertising, book, corporate, or institutional assignments. The effective communication of a client's objectives reconciled with the creative expression of the illustrator is thoroughly addressed. The content of this course will be delivered using lectures, professional and student samples, individual and group critiques. Students undertake realistic studio-based assignments in stages supervised by the instructor, developing both a personal methodology and professional business practice. Assignments will require research and presentations may include verbal, written and visual components.
Conditions: Requires a minimum grade of 60% to advance to Illustration 4.
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