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Illustrative Drawing and Painting 1
0.50 Credit(s)
Prerequisite: ILLU 2B08 Illustrative Drawing or ILLU 2B08 Drawing for Illustrators 1
Corequisite: ILLU 2B09 Illustrative Drawing and Painting 1 - Drawing and Painting Workshop
As a direct extension of Illustrative Drawing, this studio course builds on the development of ideas and honing of observational skills through representational drawing. Further examination of anatomy is undertaken to inform sketching from life and from memory. In addition, painting media is explored to express form and colour. Working in such media as acrylic, watercolour and water-soluble oil, students gain an understanding of the unique physical and aesthetic properties of each, while investigating their appropriateness for specific imagery. The course's content is delivered by using lectures, demonstrations, group and individual critiques. Students work from life, and on occasion, continue with sustained poses from one class to the next.
Notes: There is a drawing and painting workshop attached to this course.
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