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Illustration 1
0.75 Credit(s)
Prerequisite: GDES 1B27 Graphic Communication (minimum grade of 60%)
This course introduces students to fundamental theories and practices in the field of contemporary illustration, including all aspects of ideation: visual problem solving, mind mapping (diagramming word/image association to text), brainstorming and picture-making fundamentals. As the program's core studio course, it will provide students with information about different approaches to narrative documentation and concept development in the context of book, magazine, advertising, corporate, institutional and web/interactive applications. The course will be delivered using lectures, in-class discussions and presentations of best current and historical practice. One-on-one and group consultations and critiques will address the issues and help students to develop their communication skills. Students are taught to propose creative and effective solutions to defined projects using various media. All studio-based assignments require research and presentations that include verbal, written and visual components.
Conditions: Requires a minimum grade of 60% to advance to Illustration 2.
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