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Graphic Design 2
0.75 Credit(s)
Prerequisite: GRPH 2K01 Graphic Design 1 (minimum grade of 60%)
Two-dimensional space is examined through the application of graphic grid structures and conceptual design ideas. Students will be encouraged to develop an independent voice while respecting historically proven and effective practices. The course focuses on idea development, methods of research, word/image interaction, meaning, hierarchy and the impact of colour and form on effective communication. Students will learn to distill complex ideas into concise and convincing graphic elements. The course will be delivered using lectures, in-class discussions and critiques. All studio-based assignments require research and presentations that include verbal, written and visual components. The course will be supported by guest lectures and digital tech support designed to introduce current and appropriate software.
Conditions: Requires a minimum grade of 60% to advance to Graphic Design 3.
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