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Introduction to Visual Studies II: Critical Frameworks
0.50 Credit(s)
Academic Course
This lecture course introduces students to ways of thinking critically and analytically about visual culture in a contemporary global context. Students are introduced to the ways in which meanings are produced through visual forms, including paintings, prints, photographs, film, television, video, advertisements, news and science images. The course examines how we "read" the image as a visual language and what influences our ways of seeing, including aesthetics, ideology, gender, race and class.
Notes: Note: 100 Level students are advised to take LBST 1B03 and LBST 1B06 in different semesters. This course is composed of a large weekly lecture and a tutorial. When you register for the lecture, a message will remind you to register for one of the corresponding tutorials as well. Note: New code. Students who have taken VISC 1B04, VISC 1B05 or VISC 1B06 may not take this course for further credit. Condition(s): Required for all foundation students
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