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Illustration 2
0.75 Credit(s)
Prerequisite: ILLU 2K01 Illustration 1 (minimum grade of 60%)
Building on the ideation principles learned in Illustration 1, students will continue to expand their knowledge base and further develop the skills needed to produce creative illustration with a purpose. Students will explore how rapidly-changing societal needs affect the complex issues involved in contemporary illustration. Strategies and techniques specific to creative problem solving will be addressed. Skills learned in the supporting Media Studio 1 will aid students in making decisions regarding the appropriate use of media and style. Course content will be delivered using lectures, demonstrations, class discussion, group and one-on-one critiques. All studio-based assignments require research and presentations that may include verbal, written and visual components. Through assignments, drawing skills will be developed in a studio environment where students will develop concepts, prepare linears and produce creative and effective illustrations as solutions to stated objectives. Best current and past practice will be explored.
Conditions: Requires a minimum grade of 60% to advance to Illustration 3.
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