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Managing Production
0.50 Credit(s)
Prerequisite: All required 200- and 300-level INTM Studio and STU/SEM courses and 3.0 credits of Liberal Studies.
This course focuses on the role of the artist as independent producer and provides an overview of organizational strategies for working in larger scale projects in film, video, installation, performance, photgraphy and hybrid media. Topics for in-depth consideration include types of funding available to artists and projects they are intended to support; an analysis of the specific roles of the creative team; how to develop a project, synopsis and budget; how to pitch; delegating work and managing crews and schedules, casting actors and developing a project through rehearsals. Students will engage in case studies of actual projects in order to trace the steps involved in bringing a complex work to completion in a variety of formats (exhibition, installation, broadcast, performance, and others).
Notes: Required for Directed Studio Integrated Media Majors. Priority in registration is given to Integrated Media Majors.
Recommended Prerequiste(s) / Corequisite(s): INTM 4B04, Directing Independent Film/Video, and 300-level production studio in film, video, performance, photgraphy or sculpture/installation.
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