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Global Mesh: Internet, Networks, Globalization and Digital Resistance
0.50 Credit(s)
Academic Course
Prerequisite: 1.0 Liberal Studies credit at the 200 level, including 0.5 VISC credit.
As representation becomes increasingly digital, virtual and global, cultural convergences and divergences multiply in unexpected and innovative ways. This course is designed to explore paradoxical contemporary formations of digital power and resistances by examining a range of theoretical approaches to digital networks and globalization, from political-economic and anthropological theory to technology and new social movement theory, by leading theorists, including Manuel Castells, Bruno Latour, Antonio Negri, Naomi Klein, Nestor Garcia Canclini and Arturo Escobar. These theoretical approaches to networks will be considered in relation to contemporary Internet representational practices, including anti-globalization networks, logic of the land networks, netwar networks, and reflexive culture jammer networks. Students develop the critical and practical tools to construct their own interventions as a new representational network. This course involves ongoing on-line research and weekly reading assignments, as well as essays and presentations.
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