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Liberal Studies One
1.50 Credit(s)
Academic Course
LS One will prepare students for scholarly and academic life in the context of an art and design institution, as well as prepare them to succeed in a variety of social, cross-cultural and professional contexts. Using a thematic approach in a multi-disciplinary framework, the course will introduce students to interdisciplinarity as a way of thinking. A faculty team of five instructors will combine key significant and important ideas from visual culture, the humanities and literature to invigorate student’ imaginations and root them in the global project of knowledge building. Students will engage the learning process through a variety of methods, with extensive attention to critical thinking, reading, writing and research skills, organizational strategies, verbal presentation and cultural literacy. The course will also stress personal and group development.

In 2009/10, the LS One theme is "Cultures and Spaces," further divided into sub-themes that critically reflect on diverse aspects of human existence. Students will have four written assignments, two exams, and reading responses throughout the year-long course. They will also be evaluated on their participation in class and quality of peer-reviews conducted in tutorials.
Notes: There are three components that a student must register for when adding this course. Students should note there is only one lecture for this course. When students register for this lecture they are then required to register for one of five seminars that occur after the lecture. Students then must also register for one of five tutorial groups that the seminar breaks into. (i.e. Lecture - Seminar - Tutorial in this order)
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