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ENGLISH (3.0 credits)

I. Required Core Course

ENGL 2B03 Introduction to Literary Criticism

plus take 5 courses from the list below, including 3 courses at the 300/400 level

II. Elective Courses

ENGL 2B01 Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL 2B05 Introduction to Creative Non-Fiction (new option added 2009-09-18)
ENGL 3B01 The Artist in European and American Literature
ENGL 3B03 Children's Literature
ENGL 3B04 Science and Technology in Literature 
ENGL 3B05 Creative Writing: Contemporary and Experimental Forms
ENGL 3B06 Studies in Canadian Literature (formerly ENGL 2B02)
ENGL 3B07 Introduction to Dramatic Literature (formerly ENGL 2B04)
ENGL 3B20 Creative Writing II 
ENGL 4B02 Topics in World Literatures
ENGL 4B03 European Literary Classics and Criticism
ENGL 4B17 Advanced Creative Writing
Special Topics upon approval by Associate Deans in the Faculty of Liberal Studies

Note: If planning on using this minor for English as a Second Teachable, consult with the program that you will be attending for specific course requirements which may vary from those listed above.  

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