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All 100- and 200-level Liberal Studies courses have final examinations. These take place during the final examination period April 22 and 23.

The Schedules will be posted here before the start of each semester.

Liberal Studies Final Exams Winter 2010 (pdf)

Final Exam Protocols for Students

1. Sign-in and Sign-out

  • Sign-in option at the discretion of the instructor
  • Sign-out required with student card and signature

2. Late arrival: students arriving later than 30 minutes may be denied access to the examination and receive zero

3. Personal belongings

  • Students should not bring anything that cannot be placed in a designated area

4. Washroom breaks

  • In an emergency
  • One at a time
  • Students must bring exam paper to instructor/proctor
  • Large classes: students must sign out and into exam room

5. Eating and drinking: No food (except where medical note provided); beverages permitted

6. No electronic devices (including electronic dictionaries, cell phones, CD players, MP3 players, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) etc.)

7. Use of print unilingual dictionaries: generally, no (discretion of instructor)

  • Bilingual dictionaries: okay but must be presented to proctor

8. Students should be prepared to remain in the exam room for the duration of the exam

9. All Special Accommodations must be arranged at least 2 weeks in advance with the Coordinator, Centre for Students with Disabilities

10. Deferred Exams

  • Illness, family emergency, religious observances (no fee required but need proper documentation)
  • Other circumstances at the discretion of the instructor (fee required)

Please refer to the Deferred Exam Policy, Academic Considerations for Relgious Observances Policy and Religious Observance Dates.

11. Exam Conflict

  • Two or more exams at the same time
  • More than two exams on the same day
  • Students must inform their instructors of any exam conflicts no later than October 31 in the Fall Semester and February 28 in the Winter Semester

Please refer to the academic policy regarding final examinations and deferred examinations. The examination schedule takes priority, so students must plan their travel arrangements around their final examinations and studio critiques, not vice versa.

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