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This postgraduate certificate is an interdisciplinary offering between Material Art & Design and Industrial Design.  Using ceramics and industrial design practices and methods, the student will explore the possibilities of ceramic production, including concept exploration, form development, prototyping in 3D drawing and rapid prototype printing for clay.  Much of the students' time will be spent in the ceramic studio developing models and experiencing the processes of clay from inception to fired works.  Emphasis will be on a small batch production including developing design criteria, formulating designs for multiple productions, and considering manufacturing and marketing strategies.

COURSE           COURSE NAME                                                        CREDIT

The following five courses are required: 2.5
MAAD 2B15    Intro to Ceramics
INDS 2B13     The Meaning & Language of Form
MAAD 2B24    Ceramics: Mouldmaking
GDES 3B36    Domestic Ceramics: Exploring the Useful Object
GDES 3B20    Small Object Design: Virtual to Reality
Choose two: 0.75 or 1.0
VISC 2B38    Design Thinking (LST)
GDES 3B45    Architectural Ceramics
GDES 3B49    Image and Clay: Exploring the Ceramic Surface
INDS 3A04     Advanced Drawing for 3D Design
GDES 4B03    Internship
GDES 3B43    Jewellery Design: Architectural Hardware
Choose one: 0.5
VISC 2B01     History of Modern Design (LST)
VISC 3B41     Cross-Cultural Issues in Craft (LST)
SOSC 3B02    Material Culture and Consumer Society (LST)
TOTAL 3.75 or 4.0

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