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As I see it, technology has built the house in which we all live. The house is continually being extended and remodelled. More and more of human life takes place within its walls, so that today there is hardly any human activity that does not occur within this house. All are affected by the design of the house, by the division of its space, by the location of its doors and walls. Compared to people in earlier times, we rarely have a chance to live outside this house. And the house is still changing; it is still being built as well as being demolished. 

— Dr. Ursula Franklin, The Real World of Technology

Integrated Media (INTM) is an innovative digital and time-based area that encourages an interdisciplinary exploration of media practices. Students are asked to question how they position themselves in the world in relation to technology. The Integrated Media program examines the role that technology plays in our culture and emphasizes our need for critical engagement. Students are exposed to a wide range of media practices that include film, video, robotics, electronics, performance, web, installation, interactivity, animation and audio. Students graduate from the program as independent thinkers and practitioners. Our graduates have gone on to careers as media artists, curators and theorists, and practitioners in the film and television industries, as well as to graduate schools and international and local residency programs.

Equipment and Facilities Access
Students have access to equipment and facilities for specified production courses only. Access is limited to the duration of a student’s enrolment in that course and is subject to the rules and regulations as outlined in the Integrated Media Policies Handbook. Co-requisites are recommended for specific courses where technical instruction on equipment is not provided. INTM Thesis students have access to equipment and facilities based on prior levels of learning and/or concurrent enrolment. Materials fees apply to certain Integrated Media courses.

Note: Students in Integrated Media are required to purchase their own external hard drive in order to transfer and store their digital media.

Integrated Media Program Guide

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree students must complete the requirements listed below for their program, including the minimum 5.0 Liberal Studies credits. 

Associate of the Ontario College of Art & Design (AOCAD) diploma students must complete the requirements listed below for their program, including the minimum 4.0 Liberal Studies credits. Diploma students admitted to OCAD 2002 fall/winter or earlier, may replace up to 1.5 of the 4.0 required Liberal Studies with studio-seminars. 

See the Liberal Studies requirements that pertain to you.

200 Level Requirements

Contemporary Issues: Art Today (STU/SEM) 0.5 0.5**
INTM 2B34 *** Hybrid Media Lab 0.5 0.5
200 Level INTM Studio or INTM STU/SEM courses 2.0 2.0
200 Level Faculty of Art electives**** 0.5 1.5

Liberal Studies courses 1.5* 0.5*
Total Credits 5.0 5.0
300 Level Requirements
INTM 3B39 Media Research Projects (STU/SEM) 0.5 0.5**
300 Level INTM Studio or INTM STU/SEM courses 2.0 2.0
200 or 300 Level Faculty of Art electives**** 1.5 2.0

Liberal Studies courses 1.0* 0.5*
Total Credits 5.0 5.0
INTR 3B01     Virtual Communities

PHOT 3B16 Light & Shadow

400 Level Requirements
INTM 4C01 INTM Studio Thesis: Research 1.0 1.0
INTM 4C02 INTM Studio Thesis: Presentation 1.0 1.0
400 Level INTM Studio or INTM STU/SEM courses  1.0 1.0
200, 300 or 400 Level Faculty of Art electives**** 1.0 1.5

Liberal Studies courses 1.0* 0.5*
Total Credits
5.0 5.0

Eligibility to Graduate

Please note that students are eligible to graduate if they:
•Have fulfilled all program requirements.
•Are in good academic standing. (Students who attempt 2.0 or more credits in an academic year and earn an average of 60% or higher in those credits are in satisfactory academic standing.)
•Have on overall average of at least 60%.
•Have an average of at least 65% in the designated courses of their major/program. (Design only).
•Have no outstanding accounts at the university

All Liberal Studies courses are available to students and a wide range of study is encouraged. Integrated Media students who are seeking Liberal Studies courses to deepen their disciplinary knowledge may be interested in the following courses.

(Please note that all courses may not be offered every year)

SOSC 2B02 Media, Messages and the Cultural Landscape: Introduction to
Communication Studies
VISC 2B07 History of Modern Art
VISC 2B08 Film Studies: An Introduction
VISC 2B09 History of New Media Art
VISC 3B18 Television Criticism
VISC 3B23 Technology and Digital Culture
VISC 4B02 Performance and Performativity
VISC 4B03 Contemporary Documentary Media
VISC 4B05 Cosmopolis: New Narrative in Contemporary Media
VISC 4B06 Global Mesh: Internet, Networks and Globalization
VISC 4B07 Images and Practices of Technology

INTM Majors interested in object-making or installation practices should consider Faculty of Art electives in the Sculpture/Installation program including the following: SCIN 2B01 Intermedia Studio: Body & Object, SCIN 2B07 Language of Materials; SCIN 3B08 Intermedia Studio: Problems in Visual Language I; SCIN 3B04 Sculpture Studio: How Objects Work; SCIN 4B04 The Immaterial & Material.

*See the Liberal Studies requirements for Degree & Diploma Stream.

**1.0 credit of the 2.5 upper-level Liberal Studies credit requirements may be fulfilled by Studio-Seminars (diploma only).

*** Students enrolled in INTM 2B34 Hybrid Media Lab and INTM 2B29 Vides for Artists I must register for the corresponding labs that are linked to those courses.

****An elective may be any course offered by the Faculty of Art. You may also take an elective in your program Major area as well as in Material Art & Design (maximum 0.5 credit per year level for a total of 1.5 credits).
Students declaring a Liberal Studies minor are strongly urged to complete the full complement of studio courses for their major, including all studio electives.

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