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Throughout history, people have formed metal, textiles and clay into objects that both support human activity and are expressive art forms. Just as relevant today, such objects enhance the built environment as well as the human body.

This program encourages students to look at jewellery/metalsmithing in critical, nontraditional ways while still respecting the materials, methods and skills associated with traditional fine jewellery and object-making.

The study of Fibre at OCAD incorporates both textiles and surface/design print and encourages students to experiment with fabric and fibre structures, on- and off-loom. It incorporates computer-aided design and surface embellishments such as stitching and beading.

Study in Ceramics focuses on visual and conceptual problem solving, while acquiring technical skills and knowledge of clay and the technology surrounding that material. Exploring the potential of the materials, students gain control over ceramic surfaces and develop their own innovative approach to the medium. Through the exploration of the physical and chemical properties of clay, glazes, mouldmaking and surface manipulation, students create functional or sculptural ceramic objects.

COURSE           COURSE NAME                                                        CREDIT

Choose two: 1.0
MAAD 2B14    Intro to Jewellery/Metalsmithing : Fabrication
MAAD 2B01    Intro to Fibre
MAAD 2B15    Intro to Ceramics
MAAD 2B29    Jewellery/Metalsmithing : Fabrication 2
MAAD 2B26    Explorations in Fibre
Upon completion of the above, choose three: 1.5
ENVR 2B15    Research Studio/Colour & Form
MAAD 2B08    Jewellery/Metalsmithing: Casting
MAAD 2B24    Ceramics: Mouldmaking
GDES 3B46    Explorations in Architectural Glass
MAAD 3B38    Jewellery: Implementing the History of the 
                     19th & 20th Century (SEM)
MAAD 3B39    Fibre: Implementing the History of the 
                     19th & 20th Century (SEM)
GDES 3B51    3D Structures in Fibre: Wearable Form
GDES 3B52    3D Structures in Fibre: Structural Form
GDES 3B36    Domestic Ceramics: Exploring the Useful Object
GDES 3B43    Jewellery Design: Architectural Hardware
GDES 4B03    Internship (appropriate to Postgraduate Certificate)
Choose one: 0.5
VISC 2B22    History of Material Arts: Ancient Egypt to Modern Europe
VISC 3B41    Cross Cultural Issues in Craft

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