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Steps to Planning Your Schedule

  1. Review the program requirements for your area of study.
  2. Read the course descriptions to verify that you are eligible to take the courses you choose. Many courses are reserved for specific majors or programs. Check that you meet any prerequisite or corequisite requirements.
  3. Look up the days and times of the courses you have chosen in the Course Schedule.
  4. Complete a draft timetable to ensure that you are not scheduling more than one course in each time-slot. The on-line registration system will not prevent course conflicts. Choose alternate courses in case the course or section you have chosen is not available.

Full- and Part-time Course Load

The normal full-time fall/winter course load is 5.0 credits, with 2.5 credits in each semester.  The maximum course load in the fall or winter semester is 3.0 credits.  You must register for at least 2.0 credits in each semester to maintain full-time status.

Part-time program students may register for up to 3.5 credits in the fall/winter semesters, with no more than 2.0 credits in one semester.

Subject to their overall lifetime credit limit, Special Students may register for up to 1.0 credit in one semester.

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