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Students should familiarize themselves with these special considerations as they may have an impact on graduation requirements: 

  • The first-year requirements (3.5 studio credits and 1.5 liberal studies credits) must be successfully completed by May 31 of a student's second year of studies or they will not be permitted to continue in the upper years of their programs.
  • Students may register for second-year courses when they have completed 3.0 first-year studio credits and 1.0 first-year Liberal Studies credits (including the Writing course) with an overall average of 60%.
    Please note: effective 2007/2008 the minimum passing grade for the first-year writing course is 60%.
  • Students who attempt 2.0 or more credits in an academic year and earn an average below 60% will be on probation during their next academic year. To proceed to second year probationary students must have the approval of the Faculty of Art office.
  • First-year students will be de-registered from their winter electives if they have not completed a minimum of 1.0 studio credits in the fall semester.
  • Where program requirements change in a given year, students must adhere to the requirements for the specific learning level that they are entering, provided they have completed the required courses as published the previous year.
  • Students are responsible for ensuring they have prerequisites as published. Students who lack the prerequisites will be automatically withdrawn from that course.
  • Courses may not be repeated for credit.
  • Contemporary Issues: Art Today (CIAT) may only be taken in one program area.
  • Students may take CIAT in a program other than their program major only with the approval of their Assistant Dean.
  • Liberal Studies Creative Writing courses ENGL 2B01 and ENGL 3B20 may be substituted for Faculty of Art electives for a maximum of 1.0 credits.
    Effective September 2009 this condition will no longer be applicable.
  • Maximum 0.5 credit of a student’s overall allowable Faculty of Art electives may be substituted by 0.5 Liberal Studies credit (excluding ENGL 2B01 & ENGL 3B20).
    Effective September 2009 this condition will no longer be applicable.
  • Maximum 1.5 MAAD credits may be taken in lieu of Faculty of Art electives, with a maximum of 0.5 credits per year at each of the three upper learning levels.
  • A priority registration period of two weeks will be given to Majors for courses as indicated, after which time they will be open to Faculty of Art students with the appropriate prerequisites.
  • Students wishing to pursue an elective in Liberal Studies or the Faculty of Design, in addition to those listed above, may meet with their program Chair to discuss the relevancy of the additional elective to their studies. Pending approval and availability this course may be taken in lieu of a Faculty of Art elective.
  • As of the 2008/2009 academic year, prerequisites for all 300-level required courses in the Faculty of Art will include a minimum of 2.0 Liberal Studies credits.

Registration Restrictions

Course Level: Minimum credits required for registration:
200-level Faculty of Art courses 3.0 credits 100-level Studio
and 1.0 credit 100-level Liberal Studies 
(please refer to bullet 1, 2 & 3 above for details)
300-level Fabrication Studio courses 6.0 credits
300-level Faculty of Art courses 8.0 credits
400-level Faculty of Art courses 13.0 credits

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