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D1 Fall and Winter semester (September to April)
D2 Fall semester (September to December) 
D3 Winter semester (January to April)

Course Type

LST Liberal studies courses
LAB Laboratory
SEM Studio/seminar course
STU Studio course
THE Thesis
TUT Tutorial


Day of the Week

M Monday
T Tuesday
W Wednesday
R Thursday
F Friday

Course Codes

Course codes consist of four alpha characters which represent the course subject, followed by a four digit course number, where the first digit represents the year level of the course and the second character represents the weight of the course (e.g. DRPT2B02).

Year Level of Course

1 = year 1
2 = year 2
3 = year 3
4 = year 4
5 = year 5
6 = graduate studies level
9 = upper year, special

Credit Value of Course

A = 0.25 credit
B = 0.5 credit
C = 1.0 credit
D = 1.5 credits
E = 2.0 credits
F = 2.5 credits
G = 3.0 credits
H = 3.5 credits
K = 0.75 credit 


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