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Material Explorations 1
0.50 Credit(s)
This course focuses on gaining a thorough knowledge of the vocabulary of form. Every product tells a story: about itself, the people using it and the person who created it. Through forms and their functions, products express values and reflect the contexts for which they were designed. Students will learn about the basic elements of creating form and the appropriate use of materials, structure and colour. Studio projects and lectures will focus on the semantic aspect of products and their forms. This addresses issues such as the following: defining or describing the purpose of a product; how form expresses the values and qualities of a product; how the interface with form indicates its use; and how well the product identifies its origins or its connection to a system. Good products are created when the complexity of meaning and its expression in an appropriate form is recognized. This course aims to develop students' sensibilities and critical abilities to recognize these parameters. Practical skills will support their ability to use form and meaning in a resolved way. The course will explore new technologies, material innovations, emerging markets and the role of metaphor and memory. The course will be delivered using lectures, in-class discussions, demonstrations and individual critiques. All studio assignments require research and presentations that include verbal, written and visual components such as drawings and finished models. Students will carry out a number of short sketch modeling assignments as well as more complex projects.
Notes: Please take special note that this course has material fees associated with it.
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