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History of Furniture
0.50 Credit(s)
Academic Course
Prerequisite: 7.5 credits, including 1.0 credit of second-year liberal studies (including 0.5 VISC credit).
This lecture course introduces students to a survey of the history, form and function of Western furniture design. The course traces the diverse cultural influences on the development of furniture and considers how furniture reflects the changing social structure of society and the internal environment. The importance of the religious, social and cultural connotations of furniture will also be discussed. Particular emphasis is placed on the relationship of furniture design to its role in representing social status in Western culture and, by the late 19th century, domestic comfort. Prerequisite: 1.0 Liberal Studies credit at the 200 level, including 0.5 VISC credit.
Anti-requisite: Students who have taken ACAD 3B32 or VISC 3B32 may not take this course for further credit.
Notes: Course code change 2011-12
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