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PRNT Studio Thesis: Presentation
1.00 Credit(s)
Prerequisite: PRNT 4C01 PRNT Studio Thesis: Research.
Printmaking majors further develop their work by meeting with peers and thesis faculty for individual and group critiques. This semester builds upon research pursued in the first semester to result in a cohesive body of visual work accompanied by an artist’s statement articulating concerns pertinent to their work, thesis paper and oral presentation. Emphasis is paced on contextualizing artwork within historical and contemporary cultural contexts as well as refinement of critical and presentation skills. Final evaluation is based on the completion of the studio project and the written components. This is a six-hour class with designated studio access.
Notes: Required for Printmaking Majors. PRNT 4C01 Studio Thesis: Research and PRNT 4C02 Studio Thesis: Presentation must be completed during the same academic year. New code: formerly PRNT 4B02.

Please take special note that this course has material fees associated with it.
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