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Thesis I: Planning to Direction Definition
1.00 Credit(s)
Prerequisite: INDS 3B09 Thesis Preparation & Research (minimum grade of 60%)
INDS 3K02 ID Studio 4: Design for Flow Space (minimum grade of 60%)
In Thesis I & II students embark on a process to initiate, develop and conclude a fully realized and independently executed design project, utilizing and integrating all competencies and skills acquired over the previous years in the Industrial Design program.
In Thesis I and II students are directed to work within six general areas which are:
Home, Work, Play, Health, Mobility, Travel and Communication.
Students whose thesis subjects are in the same directed areas will be working in groups facilitating peer support and mutual feedback and development as part of the thesis course. It is intended that there will be appropriate industry or business input for each of the defined areas of thesis engagement.
In Thesis I students embark upon a complete design process through defined stages, continued and completed in Thesis II. In Stage 1 (Planning) students work on developing a proposal which defines their intended design process and methodologies for the semester.
This is followed by Stage 2 (Research) in which students investigate human need, possible business requirements of their respective or proposed clients, relevant technologies and spatial aspects of their proposal ending in a clearly articulated and comprehensive design brief.
The identified requirements listed in the student's design brief provide the foundation for stage 3 (Concept Direction Definition and Presentation) where different concept directions are explored, presented and evaluated.
Notes: Due to course content, it is required that students register with the SAME INSTRUCTORS for INDS 4C01 and INDS 4C02 and both courses must be taken in the same academic year.
Thesis and thesis preparation courses are under review.
Conditions: Requires a minimum grade of 60% to advance to INDS 4C02 Thesis II: Business Validation to Final Presentation.
Should a student be unsuccessful in attaining a 60% average in INDS 4C02, they will be required, regardless of their mark in INDS 4C01 to repeat the fall component of Thesis, INDS 4C01, as well as the winter component of Thesis, INDS 4C02.
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