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Art Writing: A Workshop in Practice and Ideas
0.50 Credit(s)
Prerequisite: One the following - Contemporary Issues: Art Today, CRCP 2B01, DRPT 2B13, INTM 2B22, PHOT 2B12, PRNT 2B25, or SCIN 2B09.
This advanced-level seminar enables students to develop their knowledge and understanding of critical art writing while practicing their own writing. Instruction proceeds through readings and discussion, followed by an examination of case studies as models of practice. Students work on reviews and articles of varying lengths for class analysis, engaging in both the writing and editing processes of art criticism. Although the emphasis is on active production, this course draws upon the students' studies in contemporary critical theory, including the examination and debate of issues relevant to contemporary criticism.
Notes: Priority in registration is given to Criticism & Curatorial Practice Majors.
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