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Interactive Communication: Beyond The Screen
0.50 Credit(s)
Prerequisite: One of the following:
GDES3B07 Interactive Communication: Smart Screens
GDES3B27 Interactive Communication: Clever Devices
INDS3K01 ID Studio 3: Emerging Technologies
GDES3B13 Compelling User Experience
GDES3B16 Wearable Technology 1
GDES3B41 Play Behaviour and Game Design 1
GDES3B38 Ambient Experience Design
INTR3B01 Virtual Communities
(NOT OFFERED 2011/12) This course, for the current year only, will be a research lab working with an entertainment industry partnership. The course is suitable for advanced and dedicated students with a keen interest in interactive experience design, and will engage students in exploring possibilities that take the user beyond the television screen, into the realm of technologically enabled and ‘aware’ devices and social web systems and environments. Students will employ iterative and participatory design strategies to create experimental solutions for entertainment-industry-based interactive experiences, which might use ambient, adaptive, expressive, persuasive, or locative technologies.
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