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A Question of Beauty
0.50 Credit(s)
Prerequisite: One of the following - Contemporary Issues: Art Today courses, CRCP 2B01, DRPT 2B13, INTM 2B22 PHOT 2B12, PRNT 2B25 or SCIN 2B09.
This advanced-level seminar investigates the complex ideas surrounding notions of beauty as they have come to be represented in the culture of Post-Modernity. Exploring the notion of beauty in art practice and theory, this course is designed to encourage active discussion and participation in a seminar setting. Text analysis, guest appearances, debates and student presentations become forums for the discussions around Post-Modernity and notions of beauty.
Notes: Priority in registration is given to Criticism & Curatorial Practice Majors. New Code: formerly CRCP 4B01
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