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DF:TIDA Program Overview

The Digital Futures: Technology/Innovation/Design/Art (DF:TIDA) undergraduate program is an interdisciplinary program that integrates digital technology and business innovation with design and art studio practice. The program links multiple studio-based digital media concentrations in the Faculty of Art and Faculty of Design, and includes courses that reflect the expertise and skills of faculty engaged in leading-edge research and digital practice. Students graduate with either a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) or a Bachelor of Design (BDes), with a specialization in digital media and related technologies.

Prior to identifying an area of focus in their third year, all DF:TIDA students share a common core curriculum designed to foster collaboration, develop skills in computation and screen-based media, and develop a broad understanding of the following areas:

1. Physical Computing
2. Games
3. Data Visualization
4. Inclusive design
5. Business and Innovation

Current OCAD U Students: Transfer to DF:TIDA

Current first- and second-year students may apply to transfer to the DF:TIDA program effective September 2012. Current second-year students should take required 200-level courses offered in the 2012 winter semester and also consult with the Interim Program Chair to determine which second year requirements will be outstanding at the end of the winter semester.

The deadline to submit a change of major/program application is February 3, 2012.

Change of Major/Program Application (PDF)


Special Features of DF:TIDA

Internship/Field Study: All third-year students will have the opportunity to intern in the digital media field. Working directly with industry partners, students will experience the excitement of the digital job market, be able to rehearse and test in the field, and meet future colleagues and partners. They will also gain a sense of potential fields of future employment.

Thesis: All students in the DF:TIDA program will undertake a thesis at the 400 level. Having written their proposal in third year, fourth-year students will embark directly on research and production of their thesis project.

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