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The Postgraduate Certificate in Digital and Media Studies offers an exciting opportunity for students to improve their critical writing and analytical skills. The Digital and Media Studies postgraduate certificate focuses on contemporary history and theory and enables students to integrate new technologies and digital practices into their work as a natural progression of their learning. This postgraduate certificate provides students with the critical background and breadth necessary to broaden their understanding of the changing forms of digital media technology as they prepare for graduate studies either in studio or academic programs.

I. Required: Choose one of the following core courses:

SOSC 2B02 Media, Messages and the Cultural Landscape: Introduction to Communication Studies
(VISM 2B40)

VISM 2B08 Film Studies: An Introduction

VISM 2B09 History of New Media Art

Plus take five courses from the list below, including three courses at the 300/400 level:

II. Elective Courses

ENGL 3B04 Science and Technology in Literature

HUMN 3B01 Reading Popular Culture

HUMN 3B08 Ethics, Advertising and Design (not offered 2011-2012)

SOSC 2B02 Media, Messages and the Cultural Landscape: Introduction to Communication Studies
(VISM 2B40)

SOSC 2B20 Web Theory
(VISM 2B20)

VISM 2B09 History of New Media Art

VISA 2B13 History of Photography

VISM 2B15 Introduction to Games Studies

VISM 3B01 Critical Play

VISM 3B18 Television Criticism (not offered 2011-2012)

VISM 3B23 Technology and Digital Culture

VISM 3B33 Canadian Cinema (not offered 2011-2012)

VISM 3B34 Japanese Cinema (not offered 2011-2012)

VISM 3B39 Latin American Cinema (not offered 2011-2012)

VISA 3B43 Into the 21st Century: Photographic Practices, Theory and Criticism

VISM 4B03 Contemporary Documentary Media

VISM 4B04 Re-presenting Women: Feminist Film and Video (not offered 2011-2012)

VISM 4B05 Future Cinema and Digital Narratives (not offered 2011-2012)

VISM 4B06 Global Mesh: Internet, Networks, Globalization and Digital Resistance

VISM 4B07 Images and Practices of Technology (not offered 2011-2012)

VISM 4B24 The Body and the Machine: Interrogating the Posthuman in Art & Design

Special Topic liberal studies courses upon approval by Associate Deans in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

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