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“We learn to do something by doing it. There is no other way.”
                    — John Holt, author and educator (1923–1985)

Courses in Fabrication Studios encompass the disciplines of bronze casting, metal, mouldmaking, plastics and wood. This support area offers intensive hands-on courses in technical processes fundamental to producing works of art and design. Students may not pursue a Major in Fabrication Studios, but are encouraged to take these courses to enhance their art-making vocabulary by developing technical skill and proficiency with a number of materials and processes. Courses in Fabrication Studios are designed to provide students with a solid understanding of technical processes, and to facilitate an awareness of both the possibilities and limitations of a vast range of material options. Students from the Faculties of Art and Design work together in these facilities, making Fabrication Studios a dynamic and exciting learning experience. Students equipped with the fundamental skills developed in Fabrication Studios become competent problem solvers.

FABR 2B01 Introduction to Fabrication: Bronze Casting & Digital Process                       
FABR 2B02 Introduction to Fabrication: Metal
FABR 2B03 Introduction to Fabrication: Mouldmaking
FABR 2B04 Introduction to Fabrication: Plastics
FABR 2B05 Introduction to Fabrication: Wood
FABR 2B07 Dataspace - Producing Data Objects
FABR 3B01 Fabrication Studio: Digital – Bronze Casting
FABR 3B02 Fabrication Studio: Metal
FABR 3B03 Fabrication Studio: Mouldmaking (not offered 2011/2012)
FABR 3B04 Fabrication Studio: Plastics (not offered 2011/2012)
FABR 3B05 Fabrication Studio: Wood
FABR 4B01 Fabrication Studio: Advanced Digital-Bronze Casting

Wood, plastic, metal and bronze — materials vital to the production of student work — are sold from the Fabrication Studios. Materials are purchased using OCAD University tickets (available at the Cashier, 115 McCaul St, level 1). All of the Fabrication Studios are staffed by experienced technicians and student monitors.

Studio Management
Main Building, Room 102, Level 1, 100 McCaul Street
Hours: The Studios have individual hours of operation, posted respectively at the beginning of the semester.
416-977-6000, Ext. 2268

Tool Loans
Main Building, Room 131, Level 1, 100 McCaul Street
Hours: Tool loans have individual hours of operation, posted respectively at the beginning of the semester.
416-977-6000, Ext. 588

Need a hammer? Saw? Screwdriver? The Tool Loans desk provides students with access to tools outside designated class times. To ensure availability, equipment should be reserved in advance. Valid student ID is required. Some restrictions apply.

Note: All students using the Fabrication Studios must demonstrate competence, technical skill and knowledge of health and safety issues pertinent to the area before they may gain access to scheduled open studios. All students registered in Fabrication Studios should expect to incur all material costs relevant to the size and scope of the projects they undertake.

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