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For a complete listing of all the First Year required courses, please go to the appropriate Major Program Guide:

Advertising Major
Environmental Design Major
Graphic Design Major
Illustration Major
Industrial Design Major
Material Art & Design Major

Direct entry into the major area of study for first-year Design students at OCAD U provides a student-centred learning environment where a common base of design knowledge, skills and processes are acquired with an emphasis on concept development and investigation within the specific major. Students will be able to apply the fundamental knowledge gained directly into their major area of interest and gain an understanding of how principles and elements of design theory interact with practice. Developing creativity, commitment and passion is a preparation for the advanced work and intense focus of second, third and fourth year. The faculty teaching in first year are all designers who are actively engaged in their own professional careers and bring that professionalism and expertise into the classroom setting. This is the beginning of contacts made and friendships established that will last through the years of study at OCAD U and into the professional world.

Students in Design majors will approach course material from a viewpoint different from that of students in the Faculty of Art, but there will also be common material to assist students in exploring a broad visual range of concepts and skills. This will provide an opportunity for students to see a wide variety of solutions, encourage dialogue and awareness between the art and different major design streams, as well as promote a better understanding of the creative process.

In addition, liberal studies courses are an integral part of the curriculum. Introduction to Visual Studies I: History and Culture to 1500 (LBST 1B02) and Introduction to Visual Studies II: History and Culture since 1500 (LBST 1B03), provide a historical, critical and theoretical introduction to art and design issues. The Essay and the Argument courses (LBST 1B11/1B12/1B13) develop and integrate writing and critical thinking skills into the curriculum.

Students complete 5.0 credits in the first year as follows:

Seven studio courses 3.5 credits
Three liberal studies courses 1.5 credits
Total: 5.0 credits

Students may register for second-year courses when they have completed 3.0 of the 3.5 first-year studio credits and 1.0 of the 1.5 first-year liberal studies credits, including the writing course (one of LBST 1B11, LBST 1B12, LBST 1B13). The minimum passing grade for the first-year writing course is 60%. 

Students require a minimum grade of 60% in their major core studio courses to advance to their year two core studio courses. Core studio courses are tagged with a “†”.

All first-year requirements must be successfully completed before students will be permitted to register in third-year level courses.

Students are eligible to graduate if they:

• Have fulfilled all graduation requirements
• Are in good academic standing with an overall average of at least 60%
• Have an average (at the end of fourth year) of at least 65% in designated courses of their major/program (designated courses marked with a "Δ")
• Have no outstanding accounts at the University.

On behalf of faculty and staff, we welcome you to OCAD University.

Dr. Gayle Nicoll
Dean, Faculty of Design

Beth Alber
Associate Dean, Faculty of Design

Cheryl Giraudy,
Associate Dean, Faculty of Design

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