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Furniture as tool, furniture as icon

This furniture minor will focus on the cultural, physical and psychological relationships between ourselves and furniture through conceptual engagement, material investigation and academic contextualization. The course will be production oriented, with a strong emphasis on hands-on experimentation and lab work.

The course will be based around three core furniture design studios, running sequentially;

GDES 3B15 Furniture 1 will deal with the conceptual, expressive and iconic element of furniture.

GDES 3B25 Furniture 2 builds on this experimentation and introduces elements of production and utility.

GDES 4B11 Furniture 3 is self-directed project based studio with an emphasis on student led final outcome.

The minor will provide students with a cultural, conceptual and practical understanding of furniture, allowing the student to focus and specialize in project work that will support their major either through providing relevant depth of knowledge in the students major design field, especially furniture design/manufacture, or to provide breadth, context and an augment of another design major or art major.


The following four courses are required:   2.0
GDES 3B15 Furniture Design 1 (taken with Furniture Design 1 Lab/Wood)
GDES 3B25 Furniture Design 2 (taken with Furniture Design 2 Lab/Wood)
GDES 4B11 Furniture Design 3 (taken with Furniture Design 3 Lab/Wood)
VISD 3B32 History of Furniture (LST)

Choose one of the following: 0.5
VISD 3B27/SOSC 3B27 Human Factors for Designers (LST)

Social Science Methods for Designers and Artists (LST)
not offered

SOSC 3B02 Material Culture and Consumer Society (LST)

Choose two:
INDS 3B29 Mechanical & Structural Design Principles /  Digital 3D for ID(SEM)
GDES 3B18 Biomimicry 1: Points of Departure
GDES 3B06 Guerrilla Entrepreneurship
GDES 3B56 Universal Design
GDES 4B03 Internship (appropriate to Minor)
VISD 2B38 Design Thinking (LST)
SCTM 2B02 Human Form and Function: Introduction to Anatomy (LST)

Choose one:
VISD 2B01 History of Modern Design (LST)
VISD 3B41 Cross-Cultural Issues in Craft (LST)
SOSC 3B02 Material Culture and Consumer Society (LST)

Total 4.0

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