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A minor in Illustration provides students with the fundamental principles and contextual understanding required in being an illustrator. With the exception of a Liberal Arts & Sciences component, courses are studio-based, where competency in draftsmanship is a necessity. Students engage in visual problem-solving, text-to-image translations and media exploration while developing individual methodologies and an awareness of contemporary issues that affect the practice. Assignments include life and observational drawing, editorial, advertising and book illustration.

The following courses are required (please pay attention to prerequisites):  
ILLU 2B04 Illustration 1 0.5
ILLU 2B08 Illustrative Drawing 0.5
ILLU 2B10 Illustration 2 0.5
ILLU 2B09 Illustrative Drawing and Painting 1 (includes drawing and painting workshop) 0.5
ILLU 2B11 Media Studio 1 0.5
ILLU 3B11 Illustration 3 0.5
ILLU 3B09 Illustrative Drawing and Painting 2 0.5
ILLU 3B10 Illustrative Drawing and Painting 3 (includes drawing and painting workshop) 0.5
ILLU 3B12 Illustration 4 0.5
VISD 3B21 Illustration and the Rise of Popular Culture (LST) 0.5
Total 5.0

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