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Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Liberal Arts & Sciences minors provide students with opportunities to take on an additional area of study that focuses on specific academic disciplines. These courses supplement, broaden and add depth to students’ inquiries to compliment their studio based BDes or BFA programs and their academic experience at OCAD University. By taking a Liberal Arts & Sciences Minor, students further develop their critical, analytical and writing skills which, in turn, better prepares them for graduate studies and for future challenges they will encounter in their professional careers as artists and designers. 

Please note: OCAD University students planning to apply to Bachelor of Education (BEd) programs at the intermediate/senior level will require a second teachable subject to augment their first teachable in Visual Arts. A ‘Minor’ program usually includes the courses students need to fulfill most requirements for a second teachable subject. However, the number of courses required for a second teachable varies from institution to institution and students are strongly advised to check with specific institutions before applying to their BEd programs.

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