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The minor program in Printmaking provides the opportunity for students to engage, through a hands-on approach, in both analog and digital forms of image making. The courses are designed to augment a student’s visual vocabulary, add technical and conceptual skills, and explore new and alternative ways for designing and presenting visual artifacts. Printmaking, which is sequential by nature, can also improve the student’s approach to problem solving and time management in support of the curriculum offered in other major programs.

Course Code Course Title Credit

Choose two of the following courses: 1.0
PRNT 2B01 Screenprinting
PRNT 2B02 Relief
PRNT 2B05 Papermaking
PRNT 2B16 Lithography
PRNT 2B17 Intaglio
PRNT 2B20 Book Arts: Book Binding
Choose one of the following courses: 1.0
PRNT 3C05 Intermediate Printmaking Studio
PRNT 3C06 From Paper to Book
PRNT 3C07 Lithography and Screenprinting
PRNT 3C08 Intaglio and Relief
200 Level PRNT courses 1.5
300 or 400 Level PRNT courses 1.0
200, 300 or 400 Level Liberal Studies* 0.5
Total **

*Liberal studies courses are listed under the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and designated course type LST in the course schedule.
**With the approval of an Associate Dean, 0.5 credit of the PRNT course elective requirements may be replaced by 0.5 credit Self-Directed Study.
A minor consist of 3.0 credits minimum, 5.0 credits maximum.
Up to 2.0 credits of electives from a student’s major may count towards their minor.

Please refer to further information on minors.

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