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Art & Social Change (ASOC) Minor

[effective September 2013]

The Art & Social Change Minor offers students the opportunity to explore some of the most pressing social, political and ethical issues of our time. With the tenets of equality, diversity and social and environmental justice at the heart of this minor, and an investigation of the role that art and artists have and can play as catalysts of change, students pursuing this minor stand to expand the liberating powers of dialogue, dissent and collaboration as cultural practitioners engaged in local, national and global contexts.

This minor guides students across disciplinary boundaries, through the broad university curriculum to a key set of courses, that examine important social movements, real-world issues and activism, with an emphasis on self-examination, critical thinking, anti-oppression politics, community building, experiential learning, field experience and pedagogical approaches. These will respect each student’s unique experience, facilitate their emerging vision and enable professional networking opportunities. This minor provides our graduates with a critical companion to their major area of study, encouraging their capacities as leaders for positive social change and innovation through informed, inspired and transformative cultural engagement.

The Art & Social Change Minor will launch Fall 2013.

*Liberal studies courses are listed under the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and designated course type LST in the course schedule.
**With the approval of an Associate Dean, 0.5 credit of the course elective requirements may be replaced by 0.5 credit Self-Directed Study.
A minor consists of 3.0 credits minimum, 5.0 credits maximum.
Up to 2.0 credits of electives from a student’s major may count towards their minor.

Please refer to further information on minors.

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