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The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Criticism & Curatorial Practice combines history, theory and criticism with professional curatorial practice to explore and experiment with the breadth and depth of contemporary art, media and design.


The objectives of the MFA in Criticism & Curatorial Practice are:

  • To ensure that students acquire advanced research skills for visual and academic investigations in the areas of art, media, design practice and critical theory.
  • To contribute new knowledge in the areas of art, media and design research methodologies in criticism and curatorial practices.
  • To promote the development of practices which facilitate sustainability, social responsibility, and diverse social and cultural perspectives.
  • To develop and advance curatorial and critical practices in design.
  • To promote contemporary art, media and design practices within public contexts.
  • To contribute to the development of the field of Canadian art, media and design criticism.
  • To contribute to the development of the field of curatorial practice in private and public galleries and museums and to independent curatorial procatices.

Required Courses

Curriculum: 60 credits


Year One
Fall (9 credits) Winter (15 credits) Summer (9 credits)
CRCP 6B02 Criticism and Critical Writing (3)

CRCP 6B08 Issues in Exhibitions, Theory and Practice (3)

Elective (3)

Internship and/or Study Abroad (6)
CRCP 6C02 Inside Curatorial Practice (6)
Year Two
Fall (12 credits) Winter (15 credits)
Elective (3)
CRCP 6B07 Thesis Workshop (3)

CRCP 6E01 Exhibition and Essay (12) OR CRCP 6E02 Criticism Thesis (12)


*Note: Students must take either GGRA 6B01 or CADN 6B08. Students must meet with the Graduate Program Director for advising on this and other elective choices.


Students may choose from:

a) Approved graduate-level courses in other OCAD U graduate programs. Subject to available spaces in the course, students may choose from the following for 2012/13:

b) A 300 or 400-level course in any discipline, with the approval of the instructor and the Graduate Program Director. Students should consult the Academic Calendar for undergraduate course offerings and must complete a “Request to Enroll in an Undergraduate Course as an Elective” form and secure the appropriate permissions before they will be allowed to register. Please see the Graduate Student Handbook for more information.

c) A graduate course at another university through the Ontario Visiting Graduate Student Plan (OVGS) or the Canadian University Graduate Transfer Agreement (CUGTA). Information on this process is available in the Graduate Student Handbook and on the OCAD U website at www.ocadu.ca/gradstudies.

Students must meet with their Graduate Program Director for advising on the selection of elective courses. A record of student advising will be kept in the student file and students are advised to keep a copy for their records.

Summer Options

The MFA in Criticism & Curatorial Practice is a year-round, five-semester program, including one summer term. Students must make plans for their summer program in consultation with their Program Director. Among the options available to students in this program are: 

Internship (3-6 credits)
With the assistance of the Graduate Program Director, students will arrange either a curatorial or criticism internship of five to six weeks' duration with a local, national or international gallery, or a museum or journal.

International Directed Study (3-6 credits)
If appropriate to their thesis project, students may arrange international directed study or research for the summer between years one and two.

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