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Integrated Media Studio: Practice & Critique
0.50 Credit(s)
Prerequisite: One of the following – Contemporary Issues: Art Today courses, CRCP 2B01, DRPT 2B13, INTM 2B22 PHOT 2B12, PRNT 2B25 or SCIN 2B09, INTM 2B34 Hybrid Media, INTM 3B39 Media Research Lab and 8.0 credits, including all first-year requirements (5.0 credits)
Questions of intent, form and theoretical formations are always part of the creative process, and even more so in the intersections of media technologies and their contemporary contexts. Students examine case studies relevant to the production of artworks using a number of mediums as they develop a personal language. This intermediate level studio course encourages a wide range of practices such as performance, kinetic sculpture, audio, installation, web works, film and video, while building upon theories and practices introduced in previous classes. Students examine, critique and discuss different approaches to problem-solving in the creation of artworks that employ intersecting media.
Notes: This course is required for Integrated Media Majors and is a prerequisite to INTM 4C01 Thesis: Research. Priority in registration is given to Integrated Media Majors.
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