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Life Study for Sculpture I
0.50 Credit(s)
Prerequisite: 3.0 credits of first-year studio and 1.0 credit of Liberal Studies (including the Writing course with a passing grade of 60%).
Using the model as subject, this Studio course introduces the fundamental techniques of clay modeling and observation. Students will begin to develop the skills to sculpt the basic structures and proportions of the head and figure through a series of demonstrations, exercises and two-to-three-week studies from the model. Issues related to the figure in sculpture and installation practice will be introduced.
Notes: For a full year of study, register for SCIN 2B19 Life Study for Sculpture I in the Fall semester, and SCIN 2B20 Life Study for Sculpture II in the Winter. Priority in registration is given to Sculpture/Installation Majors.

Please take special note that this course has material fees associated with it.
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