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Issues in the History of Sculpture
0.50 Credit(s)
Prerequisite: One of the following Contemporary Issues: Art Today - CRCP 2B01, DRPT 2B13, INTM 2B22, PHOT 2B12, PRNT 2B25 or SCIN 2B09 OR GDES 2B03 Think Tank I: Awareness, AND 2.0 credits Liberal Studies and 8.0 credits, including all first-year requirements (5.0 credits).
This intermediate-level studio-seminar course examines the idea of sculpture in the last century as a history of specific cultural moments. Rather than offering a chronological sweep, it focuses backwards and forwards on specific works that present clues to the conditions facing sculpture in certain places at certain times.
Notes: Required for Sculpture/Installation Majors. Priority in registration is given to Sculpture/Installation Majors.
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