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Global Visual and Material Culture: 1800 to the Present
0.50 Credit(s)
Academic Course
This lecture course surveys developments in global nineteenth through the twentieth-first-century art, architecture, design and material culture. Students will explore the historical, intellectual and socioeconomic contexts of this period using key examples of visual and material culture, while addressing themes such as industrialization, imperialism, propaganda, mass reproduction, technology and globalization. Particular emphasis will be placed on theoretical and critical issues emerging during this time period, including concepts of exoticism, scientific truth, the reproduction of images, the public sphere, commodity culture, hybridity and indigeneity from a global perspective that traces the development of multiple modernisms and postmodernity.
Notes: Students admitted prior to 2012 may substitute this course for one of LBST1B02, LBST1B03, LBST1B06.
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